AHMAD HASNI LAW FIRM is a legal office established by Ahmad Hasni Fahmi. Prior to AHLF, Ahmad Hasni Fahmi was a practicing lawyer at one of the oldest and best legal offices in Indonesia, being directly involved in various national criminal and corporate cases. Capitalizing on experience and network in the field of law, Ahmad Hasni Fahmi then established AHMAD HASNI LAW FIRM.


Since its establishment, AHLF has assisted a diversity of clients, ranging from individuals, private companies, to government agencies. AHLF has also been trusted by several foreign clients. We create a culture of and commit to maintaining the trust of all our clients, allowing us to become one of the fastest growing legal offices in Indonesia.


As a rapidly growing law firm, AHLF is committed to providing the best services for every client. We are committed to offering conclusive and applicative legal services, to be the best business partner and best choice for every client. We believe that every individual and institution is entitled to perceptive legal guidance and counseling.